OUT SEP, 2022 

Tear This

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The juiciest tunes, the slappiest of bops, with a hint of meringue, bovril, and a smattering of geetar in between.
Now available in
phthalo Blue!

"Like Henry Weston said,
if I asked people what they wanted they’d say a faster song."

Big Tunes, Big Wigs, Big Fun. 

Once upon a tarmac there lived a young buoy called Isaac, floating floatily upon the waves. He sat in his chair atop the wet holy sea watching the ships roll in and out of the bay. For quite some tide he was quite content, however I'm sure you folks reading this know that content doesn't make itself now, does it?


One day upon a freckle, the boat acclaimed Keith Chegwin happened to thrash into his exterior, posing, and then delivering the existential question, "what would you like to be when you grow up, Dave"? Now this query befuddled Isaac, who then briefly considered rebranding to Rodney, before considering Keith's digestion. "I think I'd like to be a hairdresser or two... yeah, that's right, two hairdressers". Keith crackled his mouth agrape with whimsy, and melted back into the notion waves. Isaac then knew his dastardly was sealed, and so he began to right some new tubes...

Like escaping the crime scene on a unicycle, Isaac Neilson brings all the gusto of a deranged axe murderer haplessly floundering to preserve the integrity of a ming vase on a ski slalom to the indie rock genre.